Saturday, June 30, 2012

What's that guy doing in here?


The fires have been pushed away from my home and I'm not likely to be evacuated now. :)

Still, prayers and good thoughts are needed for those who have lost their homes, as well as the victim(s) of the flames. We are yet unsure of the number of fatalities. :(

I haven't done a thing art-wise for a while now-- apart from that sign I showed you in a previous entry.

Tomorrow I'll be attending a rodeo with the boyfrannn! (If he doesn't work tomorrow... I may have just bought the tickets now, at 2AM, and haven't asked him yet...)

I love rodeos! Afterward, there will be a dance!

Slightly related story:

Last summer, my grandmother (Maw-maw) took the boyfrannn (who is a dark-skinned Dominican) and I to her hometown in Louisiana. There is a bar there which plays live Cajun music in the morning.
Many people were dancing and, once we stepped in, everyone started giving Joan interested looks. Let's just say that town is a little behind on political standings of sorts...

Joan and I tried to dance, but the Cajun two-step is NOT my thing. We were too used to pop, so we were shaking our hips and shoulders. Everyone had the right to stare at that point...

I was embarrassed, so we left the dance floor to stand with my grandmother. Joan surprised us by asking Maw-maw to dance! She actually said yes! He took her to the floor and he was much better without me trying to lead, hehe...

They danced until the end of the Cajun-French song and I caught it on video! :)

Later, I overheard my grandmother speaking on the phone to a friend. "I haven't danced in... shoot, 20 years?"

It was a beautiful thing.

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