About Gabi

My name is Gabi.
I'm 18 and currently attending college to become an English as a Second Language major!
I've been drawing since I can remember.
You can see a bit of my art on DeviantArt!
I'm a Cajun French girly who was raised in beautiful Louisiana! I'm now living in Colorado where I'm overcome daily by God's incredible mountainscapes just outside my window.

This kid is awesome.
My best friend and inspiration, Joan (joe-ahn) is mi dominicano and a true man of God!
We will marry after our schooling.
My dream is to move to Germany to teach ESL.~
My favorite holiday is Halloween, so if you're concerned about the incredible amount of Halloween posts at that time of the year (and even randomly throughout the rest of it), now you know why.
I'm not a stay-at-home mommy yet, so I'm often busy with school work. Yet on the days I don't have school, I've found myself neglecting my projects and papers to aimlessly browse Blogger or other realms of the internet for fun crafts to create! Which are generally followed with poorly-photographed posts.*

*Related mini-rant: I've said it once and I'll say it again: I ain't got no stinkin' fancy camera and I don't need one to be creative! My phone is satisfactory to me. :P

This blog is a place for me to post crafts from my vlog (video-blog) here.
However, you will also see many crafts which will not be shown in my videos.
I make one video (almost) every day!

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