Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Captain America's Shield

A while back, I found a wooden toy shield at a garage sale. :)

I painted it yellow and planned to put a dragon sticker (or something similarly knightly) on it. I was going to give it to my nephew and teach him to sword fight, which my older sister told me not to.

I should have listened. When you say, "be soft!" or "don't hit hard," he could care less. He hurt me more than I'd like to admit, hehe.

So I decided to sit down and repaint the shield.

I've recently found myself liking Captain America more than usual. I got out my red, white, and blue acrylics and went to work. Here is the result:

Before I stenciled on the stars:

This is Captain America's first shield from the film. :) I know the top is a little more wavy than the one in the film, but the shield came shaped that way, so :P


  1. Happy Independence Day!

    I'm having deja vu - did you post it the first time you painted it?

    1. Thank ya!

      I looked and didn't see a post and thought, "...Did I really not post this?" I know I posted it on Facebook though :3 Hmm, I'll check again...