Saturday, June 23, 2012

Halloween Decoration Ideas

I know Halloween is months away, but I need to move these from my Tumblr page onto my Blogspot. X)

As for decorations, I honestly found some awesome stuff at Dollar Tree.
Being my favorite store, it has awesome deals and has products for every season when they come ‘round, which is great for someone who likes to throw seasonal parties.
Here are some of the items I purchased there:
I found this creepy cloth which comes in black and gray. I’ll drape the grey over the tables to add an eerie atmosphere and use the black as a cheap (but large) spider web. They also sell awesome velvet spiders.
Source:, where you can learn to make an awesome Halloween wreath upon scrolling down! :)
Dollar Tree also has paper lanterns, which are very cute, but the lights inside don’t always work. It’s rare that they do, plus they require batteries. If you’d like to get the lanterns because of their looks, use these cheap, light-up candles from the same store and place them inside, or just leave them without a light. Either way, they’re super cute.
There’s also an assortment of wall hangings, stickers, gel window stickies, and more.
  (Target $ section)
(^ Transparent stickers from Dollar Tree)
I’ve also purchased miniature Styrofoam tombstones from there.
Wal*Mart has miniature hay-bales for $8, which will continue to be useful to place outside amongst Jack-o-Lanterns or blank pumpkins later in the fall.
Wal*Mart also has LED “strobe” lights and “blacklights”, but these don’t work well at all. One of the three black lights I purchased was broken and when I tried out another one, I realized these aren’t really blacklights, but, well, black lightbulbs that don’t really give off any light. The LED light was more for a pumpkin and didn’t strobe at all, but rather slowly changed from blue to green to red and wasn’t bright enough for a room.
From Walgreens, I bought this pack of 25 scented tea candles for $3.99, which I’ll be using to light the party instead of having the room’s lights on.
 They were red, however. They also has orange ones for the fall season. :)
In addition to my store-bought décor, I’ve also created some crafts to put around my home.
Have a happy Halloween in... 4 months...

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