Saturday, June 23, 2012

Halloween Music Ideas

*Again, I'm moving this post form my Tumblr to my Blogspot. Sorry about the off-season holiday posting. :)

Here’s some tips for your already-awesome Halloween party!
We’ll start with music! My following posts will include decorations, games, prizes, and crafts! :)
Many of us, including myself, have searched Google for Halloween songs to add to our playlists. But it seems like everyone suggests the same 10 songs, right? “Thriller”, “This is Halloween”, “The Monster Mash.”

Well, this year I suggest a more modern alternative. Who says the songs have to be about Halloween to be spooky?
Create a creepy atmosphere with popular hits and some indie songs to get the party going.
Here’s ten of my song suggestions.
First up, we have “Disturbia.” If you’re like me and can’t stand Rihanna,  try the rock version by The Cab! The intro is more eerie and the boys do a great job with it!
Next is “Crawling in the Dark” by Hoobastank.
Less of a dance tune, “Autumn Story” by Firekites is a great spooky song for Halloween and all of fall.
“Livin’ La Vida Loca” by Ricky Martin. This song is popular, fun, and involves a creepy tone when he sings about the strange girl.
If you and your guests have played the recently popular game “Plants vs. Zombies”,“Zombies on Your Lawn” is perfect if you want a little relief from creepy music.
Try “Magic” by B.o.b. and Rivers Cumos for a good dance tune! It’s fun and pulls in the theme of magic, which will be fun for the witches at the party.
If you grew up on Scooby Doo in the 90s, you probably remember the movie where the gang visited the swamps of Louisiana and encounter cat-people and zombies. A scene in the movie has the song “It’s Terror Time Again” by Skycycle, which is a really enjoyable song, especially if has the feeling of nostalgia. J
The not-very-well-known 90s band Allstars made a song called “Bump in the Night”, which is a poppy way to celebrate this cool holiday!
I love the movie “The Labyrinth!” In it, David Bowie, dawned in awkward tights, sings a song called “Dance Magic,” which is a great dance tune and has me repeating the opening with my sister all the time.
And, finally, Regina Spektor’s voice incredible and powerful, especially in her song“Apre Moi.” It’s a great song which connotates a spooky air and dark-sounding instruments.
If you want more music ideas, check out the link below for my Halloween playlist. It has instrumental music if your party isn’t really for dancing and even some classic Halloween hits.

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