Saturday, June 23, 2012

Halloween Spiderweb Entry

This craft came from several items I picked up from Dollar Tree. I did this in my last apartment for Halloween 2011.
  • Push pins
  •  "Creepy Cloth" (x2 or more, as desired) from Dollar Tree, $1
  • "Black Spider" (these come in two sizes. The smaller ones are 2 for $1, the larger is $1.) I love these because of the cool designs on their backs.
For this craft, you could position the web to a place where guests must walk through it, as I have here:
Otherwise, pinning it directly to a wall is just as simple. :)
  1. Open and stretch out the "creepy cloth" as desired, leaving either tanlges or letting all the ends out as seen at the bottom of my web.
  2. Using the cloth and your pushpins, tack the fabric to the wall.
  3. Add the spider. The 'web' is made up of many small holes through which the spiders' legs can be pushed. Tangle their feet in the web and viola!!

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