Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Displeased: A Poke'mon Creepypasta

Hi, party people!

As a child, Poke'mon was a huge part of my life!

A few months back, it became so again. I created an OC (original character) for Poke'mon, starting re-playing the Gameboy games, re-organized my card collection, and wrote some Poke'mon creepypastas.

If you don't know, a creepypasta is a short, horror/thriller story.

Poke'mon creepypastas are a breed of these stories about the fictional world of Poke'mon (which is highly developed).

I thought I'd share one of my Poke'mon creepypastas with you today! :) If you don't know about Poke'mon, you probably won't understand this in the least... I stopped watching Poke'mon after Johto, the second era of the Poke'mon series, so if you only have knowledge about Johto or even Kanto, you should be fine. :)

Enjoy~! <3
A piece of Poke'mon fanart I made for a contest (Nyan Cat + Charizard)

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