Tuesday, April 10, 2012

To Germany or not to Germany?

I was given the invitation (and I cannot for the life of me remember how or why or when) to visit my brother who is stationed with the military in Ramstein, Germany this summer.

I purchased tickets from June 1 to August 1 to fly into Germany. I would then live with my brother and his wife for those two months in his lovely home.~

Now my brother has unfortunately been called away for deployment in Turkey, where he must go alone and live atop a mountain for secrety reasons. >_>

Because of this, my sister-in-law will be returning home to Louisiana for May and June OR July and August.

Now I'm in a pickle.

These are my options:

-Stay in America (if I can somehow convinced Delta that I DID purchase insurance on my tickets but that their website messed up-- highly unlikely).
-Go to Germany for June and be alone in Germany in July.
-Try to change my tickets to go to Germany to be there with my sister-in-law for one month.

This is a lot to consider...

My dream home of Germany just a plane-ride away... but without my brother's company.

Or stay here with the man of my dreams and not miss him for a moment. <3


Thanks, Uncle Sam.


  1. Try to change your tickets to spend your time in Germany with your sister-in-law. Your man's a good guy and will be OK and still be there when you get home.

    Wishing good fortune to your brother while posted in Turkey.

    1. Thanks for your suggestion. :)
      He'll be in Africa in June anyway, so either way, I'd be away from him-- and that's okay for a little while. ^^

      Despite having to live on a Turkey mountaintop for 4 months, he's a tough guy. :)