Sunday, April 22, 2012

Moth Diaries, Log #1

Miller moths.

They migrate to Colorado every spring to seek blooming flowers.

I hate themmmmm.

It it impossible to drive without killing mass numbers of them. :(

There was a moth in my room, so I tried to move the lamp so that it would be attracted to it and go away from me. Turns out, there was a 2nd moth sitting inside the lamp shade.

As I squealed, I fled here to the bathroom. I heard my cat scramble to eat the one that was in the lamp, but I'm not sure if she succeeded.

I hate killing anything! (Except black widows, which I make other people do-- far away from me.)

So I can't leave this bathroom until they die.

I will be here for months.

Please bring me a burrito.

Until next time.



I've left the safety of the bathroom after 40 minutes...

Yes, I'm serious. T_T I really don't like insects, ok??

APPARENTLY insects aren't attracted to LED lights!

Guess who's going to Home Depot tomorrow.


  1. Good luck dealing with the moths Gabi!

    I've got a millipede invasion, they seem to love migrating into the bath so the first job of the day is evicting them so I can have a shower. I'm amazed that the animation series "Minuscules" manages somehow to make them cute :-(

    I'm looking forward to seeing where your project goes now that you're not going with the daily prompts, I hope you have lots of fun with it.

  2. Aww, that would be worse!

    That used to come on Disney Channel between shows! :) Cute! I need to watch more of it...

    Thank you! I've made some repeat projects, which I don't care to post, so when the prompts start interesting me, I'll post videos again. ^^