Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spring Break Survival Kit

Ahh, spring break!

This is my second year truly celebrating this beautiful week off school.

Last year, I fell in love.

Honduras stole my heart and one day I WILL own a private hotel there.

This year, I'll be visiting Gulf Shores, Alabama! I've been there many-a-time as a child and now I'm taking my boyfriend and his brother to visit the sunny beach!

I love to plan ahead so today I rushed to Dollar Tree (I pretty much live there) and picked up some supplies for the roadtrip!

I decided to get a few things for Joan (Joe-ahn, my boyfrannnn) and his brother Richard.

Then I decided it'd be cute to make a Spring Break survival kit!

So here goes!

Things you'd need on a roadtrip or a beach trip, such as...

  • Travel-size sunscreen
  • Water bottle (Dollar Tree has new cute fold-away goat-skin-shaped bottles!)
  • Travel-size Germ-X
  • Lotion
  • Travel-size shampoo (I like to steal them from hotels on occasion... >3> Shh!)
  • Candies
  • Band-aids
  • Pocket tissues
  • Gum
  • Anything you'd like to receive! :)

Place the items in a cute container! I decorated a bucket, that way it's like an ode to the beach!

I decorated this one with stickers and put something under the items so they stick out of the top.~
Or simply use an old jar without a lid and tie some decorative ribbon around the neck.

I hope your recipient enjoys their Spring Break present~!