Sunday, February 12, 2012

Easy-Peasy Halloween Crafts/Decor

Last Halloween, I went craft-crazy because I threw a party!

Here are a few simple ideas that you can do just from looking at the pictures! (My favorite crafts to make are those which require no instruction.) Enjoy!!

Mummy-wrapped drink bottle and decoration!
I used recycled paper and Elmer's glue--
you don't need a hot glue gun to be crafty!
(Use a funnel to clean and put drink inside if desired!)

This one was an original idea. :)
I used double-sided tape, a cleaned can,
tissue paper, and construction paper.

Made with staples and construction paper.
(Vines twirled with scissors.)

A very simple craft for the kiddos!
Choose Halloween-colored construction paper
and staples (or glue if you have time), and you're good to go!

I made this as a game!
Guests reach inside Frankenstein's head
and try to guess what Halloween-themed
item is within! I placed plastic fork prongs
inside to be 'vampire teeth.'
Make sure you stress that it's a
Halloween-themed item
so no one says "broken forks"
like half of my guests...

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