Sunday, February 5, 2012


Apparently, I'm very antsy tonight.
I've been making things since 7pm.
Now, I attempted a wallet, but realizing there was no place to bills, I decided to make it an iPod cozy.~

Do keep in mind that, in the world of arts & crafts, I am but a 9-yr-old child...

Also that I only go out to buy materials for a craft on rare occasion. I much prefer to use what I have lying around. It generally goes as follows:

  • I'll Google "recycled crafts" or, if I have something in mind, "recycled [insert craft here]."
  • I'll get inspired by something I see and throw off the covers and rush to my very small collection of craft items.
  • I pull it all over to my bed and work on the mattress (most often making a horrible mess which will go days without being picked up...).
  • I try my best to imitate the pictures (not the instructions, as I usually only attempt the crafts which I can do by simply looking at the pics XD).
  • I fail miserably.
And thus ensues...

Made using felt, a button, ribbon, rope, and the only thread I own: soft green. XD