Thursday, September 27, 2012

Adventures at Jimmy John's

My favorite thing to do at my job is drive-thru! I get to talk over the speaker and take orders and take money. It's exciting and not too over-whelming (and when it is, I can get someone to come over and help me, or say, "Hi, welcome to Jimmy John's! We'll be right with you.")

Here is my favorite drive-thru moment:

I took orders one day, as a boy named Tim took money. Tim took a man's credit card and was typing the credit card number into the computer. The computer switched from the slot where the numbers go, to the slot where the AMOUNT goes.

Tim charged him over 46 billion dollars for a sandwich. Haha, it was amazing! XD
(The manager came and voided the order, no worries.)

Side story:
A few weeks ago, I was making a delivery for my job, and I locked my keys, wallet, and phone in my car. I had to walk 2 miles to my mom's house to use her phone (I have no numbers memorized except my boyfriend's and he did not answer).

It was very, very embarrassing. I thought I'd be fired for sure, so I resigned. The manager said I wasn't fired, and that he'd give me 2 weeks to decide if I wanted to really leave. It was embarrassing to return to him and say, "I can stay" without eye contact...

But! He high-fived me and told me he was happy about my decision. He says I have good work ethic and on two occasions during those 2 weeks he said, "I would like to keep you." :)

I like my job a lot, especially when I can work drive-thru. I love customer service!

The biggest downfall is the gossip. It's so hard to sit around pretending like I don't hear everyone talking about who they'd love to see fired-- or even DEAD! The managers do this as well.

In addition, everyone apparently thinks it's appropriate to talk about their sex lives. They shouldn't be talking about this in a professional setting, especially around food. >_> Yuck.

Nonetheless, I like everyone there just fine, when they aren't discussing how often they 'do it.'

And everyone seems to like me. :)

I wonder what the future will hold for me in this job.~

I have a little secret.
I've been dreaming of opening a cafe'. I hope to make that a reality (despite my young age) in the next 2 years. <3



  1. I can see you having a fabulous Themed cafe, based on your party planning. Nice that you kept your job and like it there!