Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gabi's Top 5 Reasons to Quit Cable

Hello! I'm Gabi and these are my top 5 reasons why I don't have cable...
1. Trash.
When I visit a friend's house and sit down to watch TV, I'm shocked at what even the commercials are allowed to show! Without cable, I have one less thing from which to protect my (and my future family's) eyes.

I'm a movie person and I can use the internet to look up the decency of a movie. This is very difficult with television shows because each episode might contain something you can't erase from your memory. (Focus on the Family's "Plugged In" is amazing for all sorts of reviews.)

Youtube has a feature which disables the viewing of any video which has been flagged for inappropriate content. The user will also not see comments on any video, unless they transfer to a page specifically for the comments.

2. Cost.
I have a television which is plugged in to an energy-saving power strip. This means that the TV doesn't use energy from my wall sockets when it's not being used (as well as the attached products like a game console or a DVD player).

    I rent from Redbox and Blockbuster and I have a Neflix account. I use an HDMI cable to hook up my laptop to my TV. This way, I don't need a DVD player. (I do own one, however. It was a birthday gift and it allows me to use my laptop for school/whatever while watching a movie.)

    By the way, if you use Redbox:
    The next time you check out, notice the button that says "Promo Code." Type, "DVDONME" for a free DVD-- once per credit card. :)

    3. Commercials.
    As previously stated, commercials on television can be appalling  Likewise, Youtube has been known to have some trashy ads in its day. (Namely, the "Blue" series. Made me furious every time.)

    On Youtube, I sit through a single advertisement. These are 35 seconds tops, and often as short as 5 seconds play before allowing you to skip the ad.

    Netflix has no commercials-- on TV series or movies.

    4. Availability.
    Online, you can watch as many episodes of your show in-a-row as you please.
    With television, unless you have recorded several episodes (which probably aren't in order) or there's a marathon scheduled, you can't sit down and get a belly-full of your favorite show.

    5. Time.
    The internet is a real time-saver.

    There's an almost unlimited amount of online resources which can tell you all the details of the movies that have you asking, "Is this worth my time?"
    With this, you don't have to sit through 30 minutes of a show just to see someone's head gorily explode and scar you for life and wish you had known that was going to happen beforehand. Find out ahead of time by reading a review that's 1 click away from your movie.

    So quit spending too much on 500 channels when there's nothing on any of them.
    Quit rolling your eyes at the Jack in the Box "no nookie" commercial.
    Quit searching endlessly for what sounds good.
    Quit cable.

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