Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wut up.

Greetings from Ft. Worth!

I find it amusing that the boyfrannn, his brother, and I went on Spring Break to see the beach and the following happened:

-We traveled through Ft. Worth, Texas.
-We stopped to spend the night at my Maw-Maw's house in Louisiana.
-We went to our final destination of Gulf Shores, Alabama.
-We went in the ocean for 20 minutes.
-We missed Texas so much that we decided to come back for the rest of the trip. X)

So, here we are!

I've visited Texas several times before and am highly considering moving here someday. :)

So, anyway, the prompts are going good! I like how I'm being loosey-goosey with them and not stressing (because, this week, I'm only drawing pictures, not crafting).

Big shout out to Frances for featuring me here:

Thanks so much! :)

We return to Colorado in two days!
Expect a video on Sunday~!

Peace out, girl scouts! <3

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