Saturday, March 10, 2012

'Let it be Known' Saturday

Today's 'let it be known' is that I now have a "dang fanceh cameruh."
My mother let me borrow her beautiful, huge camera to take some pictures of some keycahsin I've made (which I shall show off at a later date).

Today, I'd like to thank Recycled Crafts for featuring my plastic flowers!
Click HERE to check them out for some amazing recycled/upcycled craft ideas!

In other news, here is my 10-word sci-fi story for yesterday's prompt! :)

I'd like t thank NOAH for sending me this merit badge!!

And thanks to ELLEN for the paper cranes! Check out her year-long project by clicking on her name!

And here's a picture of my sister planking. :{D
I wish you peace, love, and basking sharks!~

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